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Services and Fees

Individual Therapy

My emphasis in individual therapy is to facilitate the emergence of the "whole person". I believe we suffer pain and discomfort when we deny or diminish important aspects of ourselves. I collaborate with the individual to explore his/her inner truth and authenticity. I help the individual identify and pay attention to internal sensations and impulses that may be buried by negative thoughts, distractions, compulsions or addictions. Clients find their own ways to health and satisfaction once they are able to accept all that is within them.

I encourage you in your first session to start where you are. In other words, to start with what you are feeling and thinking in the present. If you feel comfortable enough with me to continue sessions--because it is necessary to feel comfortable with your therapist to make progress in therapy--I provide an intake form that asks for your personal history. This important information then can be explored in subsequent sessions as necessary and relevant to presenting problems. Of course, if your history is what you need to discuss first, we'll start there.

My approach to therapy does not focus on the past, but does refer to experiences and conditions of the past to the degree that they may influence you in the present. When you find yourself behaving in ways inconsistent with what you want or believe, this can indicate that unresolved feelings and patterns formed in the distant past are driving you in the present. Greater awareness of these driving forces is a good start to weakening their power.

In addition, I incorporate approaches known generally as "somatic therapy". These are techniques that access the deep wisdom within the body, outside the realm of rational thought processes. These techniques include EMDR, Bioenergetic Analysis, Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness meditation. I explain them in greater detail elsewhere on this site.

Relationship Therapy

Each couple is unique and comes to counseling for different reasons. Many come when the stresses of managing life's obligations, such as children, finances and work, replace what had been the pleasure of one another's company. Others seek therapy to deal with specific circumstances, like communication problems, family crisis, addictions or a betrayal. Many young couples, in particular, seek therapy as soon as they start to recognize issues interfering with their potential for a satisfying relationship. And sometimes couples come to counseling too late to save their relationship from years of resentments and unhealthy patterns.

Whatever the reason, couples' work can help return a relationship to its most satisfying state, create a new and healthier partnership, support partners transitioning difficult life conditions or assist them, if necessary, in parting amicably and better prepared to shape the lives they want.

The field of relationship counseling is rich, and I follow emerging developments. In particular, I draw on two well-known and researched methods, Imago relationship therapy and the Gottman method. Imago therapy is based on the work of psychologist Harville Hendrix, who wrote the best selling book Getting the Love You Want.

Hendrix' approach fosters intimate and meaningful communication between committed partners. This form of communication can access deeper disappointments and vulnerabilities that surface when partners conflict and offers ways to heal those underlying wounds.

The work of John Gottman, Ph.D. also promotes deeper communication between partners and helps them more effectively get what they need within the relationship. From years of research he isolated four elements that are the most highly destructive in any important relationship, especially marriage: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling (refusing to communicate) and contempt. He is the author of several books, including The Relationship Cure.

I have observed that couples who benefit most from relationship counseling take what is experienced in the session and practice new ways of communicating and behaving out in the world. They notice feeling greater trust in their mates and a desire to move closer toward one another. Most couples report that they benefit from their experience in therapy together.


My fee is $135 an hour for both individuals and couples. I do offer a sliding scale depending upon the time I have available and the needs of the client. Please feel free to call and discuss these matters.

I accept all PPO insurances, as well as Aetna health plans. If you have a question about whether your insurance covers sessions with me, it is best to check directly with your insurance company first. Also you may click here to access information about insurance plans in general.

I am happy to talk with prospective clients by telephone without charge, and, when time permits, to offer a brief personal meeting so that one can get a feel for the way I approach therapy.