Maggie Locke MFT CBT

View from Maggie's
Point Loma/Sunset Cliffs office

Maggie Locke Therapy
MFT #38859

Located in Point Loma.
Please call for address and directions. (619) 222-4743

Tel. (619) 222-4743



Other sites on which you may access information about my professional services:
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The Therapist Directory of San Diego
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Important Phone Numbers:
San Diego Crisis Hotline 1-800-479-3339
San Diego Domestic Violence Hotline 1-888-385-4657

Helpful websites:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Center for On-Line Addiction
Harm Reduction
Rational Recovery

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The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Natural Health Web

Bipolar Disorder News -
Depression and How Therapy Can Help

Medications, FDA
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Mental Help Net
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Social Links:
Gay and Lesbian Center