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Located in Point Loma.
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About Me

Rumi's ancient poem reflects my philosophical approach to therapy. I believe we get in trouble psychologically when we resist or deny what we are feeling. While nobody wants to feel bad--especially for extended periods of time--we tend to feel worse when we are trying to push out our unwanted guests. Better to listen to them first and eventually, after we have given them enough hospitality, they may go on their way. Supportive therapy can help you do that.

I have been working in the field of psychotherapy for 15 years and in private practice for 10.

My experience is broad and deep: I have worked with people wounded or traumatized by abuse, crime, war, serious mental illness and addiction, as well as people simply feeling overwhelmed by life.

Most of us do feel overwhelmed at some point. This can manifest as anxiety or depression, loneliness and helplessness, grief and loss. Overwhelm also takes the form of physical pain and illness, troubled relationships and difficulty adjusting to life changes.
Seeking relief from pain is what usually drives people into therapy. Often they find much more than relief. In choosing to confront their difficulties, they find that life opens to more possibilities and potential than they could have imagined.

I view my role as therapist as providing the safety, space and caring necessary for the person to discover his or her unique truth and cure. If there is anything I have learned from my experience it is that my clients hold their own answers. I serve as witness, companion and sometimes guide, joining my clients as they persist in their exploration. What they find is trust in self, strength to navigate challenges and ability to pursue healthy pleasure and purpose in life.

I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from National University and am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families and groups. My undergraduate work was in English literature, which prepared me to work as a journalist for 20 years. As a former foreign correspondent and writer for major newspapers, I bring a wide range of experience to therapeutic work and a deep respect for cultural differences. Partly because I was exposed to violence throughout the world as a reporter, I developed a particular interest in treating trauma. More about my areas of specialty, including mind/body approaches, is addressed elsewhere on this site.

window view

Ocean View from Maggie's office

To enhance the therapeutic experience, I have established my office near my residence in a garden setting with an ocean view. This beautiful and soothing environment is within easy walking distance of the ocean in the Sunset Cliffs neighborhood of Point Loma/Ocean Beach. I often encourage my clients to give a little time to themselves after sessions by visiting the cliffs before returning to their obligations. Solitude, beauty and the rhythm of the ocean all enhance healing.